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China uses more renewable energy than all countries, its problem is that is the most populated country in the world. Then if China has more people, it consumes more energy.

China produces 77000 Watts per hour, that is to say, of the total Chinese energy production it produces 36% in renewable energy, such as: Hydroelectric, wind, biomass, solar and geothermal.


In Colombia there is a large contribution of renewable energy, hydroelectric plants produce 70%, thermal plants produce 29% and wind and solar produce 1%.

If it does not rain, there will be less energy, because the greatest contribution of renewable energy is made by hydroelectric plants. So if it rains, we have energy.


The United States produces only 18% of renewable energy, but the government does not invest as much as private companies. If the government does not invest in renewable energy, it do not get great results.

The Trump`s government invests less money in renewable energy programs than the Obama`s administration.


Venezuela produces 60% of energy in hydroelectric and 40% of energy is produced by inefficient and large thermoelectric plants.
This country produces more polluting energy than Colombia, China and the United States.
If the Venezuelan government does not invest in renewable energies, it will be increasingly depleted.